Virgin Media is a provider of broadband, TV, mobile phone and home phone services in the UK. It’s the first to provide all four services. The company believes in digitalization that makes good things happen for people, communities and businesses. Despite the belief, as a leading communications provider, digital technology does not only interest us but what’s vital is how it can improve the lives and prospects of the people.

virgin-media-big-redVirgin Media has the fastest and widely available broadband in the UK. Virgin broadband is nineteen times faster than regular broadband. This means that everyone in your house can get browsing, all at the same time. It has no caps and hidden charges thus you can download as much as you wish to. On Virgin TV there’s plenty to see. It has over 200 channels including 34+ in HD. Virgin TV is bursting with the latest and greatest TV channels as well as the much loved Sky channels and 3D movies, not forgetting live pay per view events. With a Virgin Media TiVo service, you can find your favorite programs, discover new ones and set them to remote record online from anywhere in the world.

For mobile phone services, if you are a part of the Virgin Media family, you are guaranteed of the tasty extras with Virgin Mobile for no extra cost. This includes unlimited calls and texts to other Virgin Mobile numbers, money off your monthly bill and mobile insurance if you buy a Pay Monthly phone. The dedicated service team of Virgin Media Business delivers far more than high speed connectivity. As a result, thousands of businesses and public sector organizations in the UK use Virgin Media network. Both large and small councils, companies, hospitals and schools are powered by Virgin’s fibre optic.

Virgin Media provides itself on begin at the forefront of everything based on technology, from space exploration and transport to broadband and digital television. It has risen to become one of the biggest telecommunication providers in the UK.

virgin-broadbandRecently, Virgin broadband launched “collections” range. They are pre-packaged bundles consisting of various combinations of broadband, TV and landline services which are aimed at those who use them in differing amounts. The broadband comes with fibre-optic broadband boasting a 30Mb download speed hence those online often, can perform their tasks quickly and effectively. As for the TV services, they’re more limited and the landline services include unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and mobile phones.