sky-broadbandSky has largely been associated with television, with the company dominating this specific market since a long time. But they are all set to move further, with their entry into the landline and broadband market. The customers are set to benefit from this move as well, as their new bundles combine all the services provided by the company. Soon, you will only be paying a single bill for your landline, internet and TV. There is no doubt that you will be making a lot of savings.

Sky-BundlesSky Bundles

Sky has come out with over 30 bundles. These bundles combine your Television, Internet and Landline packages for your convenience. You can opt between two landline deals, either the Sky Talk Weekends or Sky Talk Anytime. As far as internet is concerned, you have an option of either Sky Broadband Lite or Sky Broadband Unlimited. The name of the deals themselves suggests what they include. TV channel packages have a wide variety of channels deals which can be conveniently added or removed as per your preference. You can consider options including Sky Sports, Sky Movies, Sky HD and many more.

Customize Your Own Bundle

If you don’t want to choose among the pre made bundles, you can go ahead and customize your own. Consider your own interests, be it sitcoms or browsing online or Football matches, and make your own bundle. Although this is a money saving option, but keep in mind, the more stuff you add to your bundle, the more costly it will be. At the same time, there is nothing more worthy of your money than getting to watch your favorite team play in HD.

Sky-FibreSky Fibre

If you want amazingly fast Internet, you can also choose Sky Fibre Unlimited. The service is only available at limited locations right now; enter your postcode at Sky’s website to check if your area is one of them.

With Sky Broadband, you can bring home blazing high data speeds and surf and download just as you want. The Sky packages are designed to meet your needs, and offer a lot more than a standard broadband connection.