5 Reasons Why Broadband Internet Is The Best

When the internet was first unveiled to the world, the first website was developed by Sir Tim Berners Lee. The website was a single html page marking the first document to be hosted on the internet. Back then, home users, businesses, universities and even the military, used dial-up connection. This is where a computer was connected via a telephone line and it had to dial a series of numbers in order to make the connection.

When a user picked up the phone to call, the connection would die which would require resetting and reconnecting in order to browse the internet. Thanks to technology, users have access to new connectivity methods like broadband.

Below are reasons why broadband internet is the better choice.

Fast access
When compared to the traditional dial-up connection which had speeds of up to 56 kpbs, broadband provides higher speeds which are higher than 1 Mbps. This means that users can be able to browse websites and blogs quickly. You can read documents, shop for merchandise, upload images, download files and read emails among other things.
Broadband internet not only allows one to browse pictures or load pictures and videos quickly, it provides high quality for both media types.

Broadband internet connection is different from traditional dial-up connection since the connectivity is always on unless you switch off your computer or laptop. Unlike dial-up connection where you have to provide your username and password in order to connect, broadband is always on and you don’t need to login. This is highly convenient for users as all they have to do is start up their device and browse from then on. This feature is attractive to users as they don’t have to go through the problem of resetting and signing up.

Unlimited Access
Broadband connection offers unlimited internet access since the charges are not based on connection duration. This means that the user can remain online as long as they want without worrying about increased charges due to long hours online. This is why broadband internet connection is the best choice for home and business users.

Supports VOIP Technology
Thanks to the internet, home users and business can be able to communicate with friends and business partners across continents. This can be attributed to VOIP or video over internet protocol which is a form of video conferencing. Apart from that, it provides cheaper phone services as one can call friends and business partners via the internet. It is also possible to use the internet and the phone at the same time which is not possible with a dial-up connection.

Better Experience
Broadband connection offers a better experience than dial-up connection since the packets are sent consistently and no frequent data overload is experienced which is not the same for a dial-up modem.

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