sky-tvIn the current market, there are so many TV offers to the extent that you may find yourself at a fix of deciding the one to use. The latest Sky TV packages and deals are now out for you. There are big bundles that come with additional channels like the sky cinema and sports all for you. All these offers at Sky TV are moderately cheap and affordable.

What You Need To Know Before Signing Up With Sky

Before any sign up with Sky, customers should first select one package from the top three lists and then top up with an additional channel bundles. Currently, there is no tailored non-paid sports channel that a customer can enjoy for free though you can still add.

Sky Q Deals For New Customers


All Sky TV packages are inclusive of Sky Q box that you will need to sign up as a fresh customer. TV packages are so many and you will be needed to choose from the given list which has two Sky Q deals. Among the default Q deals are the 1 TB and 2 TB which come in different prices. Monthly prices are constant and thus customers prefer when there is off pricing. Another interesting deal is the 2 TB that you can buy with the accompanying multi screen. All these are updated before handing over to the customer thus the overall cost may seem worth.

The Necessity of 2TB Sky Q box

Of course you need some extra space to store extra documents. 2TB deal has got added advantages that make it necessary for you. Some of this is the potential of recording a total of six shows simultaneously instead of the common three. Also there is the Sky Q touch remote that is stylish and an added tablet grant. All these will enable you watch the channels you select in Ultra HD. This is so fantastic for you and your family at large.

The Best Sky TV Packages

sky tv packages

Sky TV packages are the best deals in the market. They are cheap considering that they come with some added packages. The original bundles last for 18 months with more than 270 channels at less than £20 only, which is a great deal for you. This is the least price you can find in the market presently. It also has a discount and a standard 1TB Box.

Moreover, there are the Sky TV variety bundles that go up to 18 months with more than 300 channels. This is a good deal since you will find some interesting channels of up to 4500 episodes for your kids. When this is going for a discount, you will definitely save a lot of cash for other uses.

Another option is the sets bundles that will run you for a period of 18 months. This type has more than 350 channels with plenty of children’s episodes. For those interested in watching their channels in HD mode, this is the best deal. 3D TV lovers will definitely like this option since they can get some 3D image options included. All these are free and you will not incur any cost.

Sky TV Packages Bolt On Extras

sky tv extras

When you subscribe to either of the channels in Sky TV, several extras will be offered to you. This can be anything from the bigger Sky Q boxes like the Sky sports, cinema and broadband deals. Apart from being offered these channels, you can as well add them to your bundles by paying some extra charges of £10 per month. A new premier is added to your channels with extra movies of over 1000 with the latest items included on a daily basis. Some of these may not be found on Netflix UK. Some extra highlights like Doctor Strange, Star Wars and many more come as extras too. Game of thrones series is included in these channels as well.

The Sky Sport complete park is editable. This means that you can switch them off whenever you wish and bring them back when it is season. This will save you some money and that you do not need to give prior notice whenever you want to unsubscribe. This is quite good and you will only need to keep updated so that you don’t miss your favorite games. Some of the channels you get from this sport bundle include the premier league, sports actions, cricket, golf, sports arenas and other main events. This is the general list though you can still opt for fewer channels. This will cost you less money as compared to the whole series of games. You can also add some more cash for upgrading your screen may be to 3D so as to have quality images displayed. In total, all this is cheaper because at times you may find them on discount.

Other extras is the Sky Fibre Broadband that will run for 18 months. You can add this to your channels at affordable costs. This differs among customers since they depend on what is available in your area. Therefore, when registering for this, it is necessary that you key in your area code so as to check what is available. The cheapest monthly packages allow you to use up to 25GB of data more of which you are advised to use the unlimited data deals.

The speed of this type of package depends on your area code. This is charged differently with the highest speed costing more cash than the slower one. For the first six months from the time of purchase, you will find this at amazing discount rates thus you can save some coins.

HD Channels on Sky TV

When you purchase any Sky TV, you will have several HD Channels that are free to air. In a situation where you need to add some extra channels you can add by paying extra coins. Some of the free to air channels include BBC One HD, two HD, ITV HD, RT HD and many more. Flashier channels that you may need to pay for include Sky Atlantic HD, Fox HD, Dave HD and many more.