Do You Really Need a Broadband Internet?

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For anyone who has grown weary of their outdated dial-up Internet, a new ISP could be the answer. To that end, broadband is a viable option. Many consumers are asking the question, “Do You Really Need Broadband Internet?” In a word, “yes”.

500 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Broadband is now the worldwide Internet technical standard and is currently being used by 500 million plus people. There are, in fact, ten important reasons for choosing broadband:

  1. Unlike dial-up, broadband is always on and you don’t have to log in to your account. You’re automatically connected when you boot up your computer.
  2. Broadband is as much as 400 times faster, and the faster speed can open up numerous benefits, as well as save time.
  3. Broadband offers fixed rates, whereas you are generally charged a fee for each usage hour with dial-up service. This is important for people who are heavy users of the Internet.
  4. Bandwidth is higher with broadband and slowdowns are minimal.
  5. Big files download faster with broadband. With dial-up, a 500MB file could take months vs. less than an hour for broadband.
  6. You get a Seamless Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection with broadband. It’s a traditional phone service alternative that is much more affordable.
  7. You also get much smoother video streaming with broadband to use with Netflix and other video services with higher resolution.
  8. Another benefit is that you get considerably faster web browsing and nearly instant loading times.
  9. If what you’re looking for is an online gaming experience that is far superior to dial-up and with extremely low latency, broadband can deliver that, too.
  10. Broadband takes videoconferencing to a whole new level above the low resolution and choppy displays you get with dial-up. With fast reception time, you have the option of hearing the audio and video instantaneously.

Try Broadband Today!
So, maybe it’s time to stop asking,“Do You Really Need Broadband Internet?”, and just start asking when you should get it. And, that time is now. You shouldn’t have to suffer even another day with slow ineffective dial-up Internet. Move into the 21st century with broadband.

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