bt-logoWhen you are searching for home internet access that is reliable, fast, and even offers free Wi-Fi access when you’re on the go, BT Broadband is exactly what you are looking for. To help you select the package that best meets your needs, we will happily discuss your options with you, such as fibre optic BT Infinity Broadband with up to 16Mb broadband and unlimited usage.

Found in more than 6.3 million homes, BT Broadband is the most popular broadband service in the UK, thanks to the security and dependability it offers, along with plenty of extras, such as inclusive online storage for all your family photos and files and free online security.

BT Broadband has several deals and packages to choose from, such as regular broadband that is perfect for homes with less internet usage and just a few devices online at once and less internet usage or fibre option broadband with lightening fast speeds up to 76Mb.

A Look At The Available BT Broadband Packages

While there are a range of packages to choose from, with different speeds and data allowances, the two main packages are the incredibly fast BT Infinity and the standard BT Broadband.

BT-InfinityBT Infinity

Infinity is BT’s incredibly fast and reliable fibre optic broadband service that offers speeds that are as much as 10x faster than the UK standard broadband average. If you choose a BT Infinity package with unlimited usage, you (and your entire family) can stream live TV, download HD movies, or game online without worrying that you will go over your allowance. This package is best for families with numerous devices connected to their home network simultaneously and tend to use lots of data online.

bt-broadbandBT Broadband

BT’s regular broadband service offers speeds up to 16Mb, as well as a reliable, stable connection. A package is available that not only includes unlimited usage, but offers beneficial online storage and security. Regular BT Broadband is ideal for homes with minimal devices connected to the network simultaneously and lighter internet usage.

bt-bundlesBT Broadband with TV Bundles

BT Infinity and BT Broadband can be bundled with BT’s TV packages. This allows you access to as many as 70 Freeview channels, all BT sports channels, and Catch Up TV using a YouView+ box.